Problem Solving Encyclopedia

  • Friday, 8th October, 2021
  • 19:34pm

1. Please go to the user center to check whether the VPS running status is "Running". If it is not, please click "Power On" manually. (If you created the host for the first time, please turn it on manually. If you reinstall the system, The same is true, the same is true)


2. Please check whether VNC can work normally. If you can enter normally but cannot connect to the outside, please check whether "Root SSH Keys" is set. Please find "Login Credentials" in your VPS web control panel and set your " Public Keys” and restart the VPS. Use SSH Keys to log in.(Please disable using password to log in to VPS)


3. Some nodes cannot install the Ubuntu system template normally. Please place an order or reinstall the system to try to use other system templates.


4. Due to the frequent blasting of weak passwords recently, some machines sent out packages after being hacked, resulting in a surge in usage traffic. Please use the key method to log in to the host as soon as possible. It is best to turn off the password login.



5. If none of the above can solve your problem, please send feedback to (for emergency, please contact @mkdml in TG)

    * The mail format is as follows

       Account email:


       Time of occurrence:


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